Somebody offered Hazrat Qarni some coins. He refused to accept them saying that he has two dirhams, and that was enough. The donor said, “but how long will that trifling sum serve you?” he replied, “Assure me that I shall of a necessity live longer than this moment (duration of life being so uncertain) and I shall accept your gift.” The man became silent.

Hazrat Qarni used to avoid meeting people who called on him, observing that the Day of Judgment was near, and he could not afford to waste his time in gossip but in prayers.

Teachings of Hazrat Qarni:

i. He who recognizes God as a friend makes friendship with no creature.

ii. Sleep with death by your side (always consider death very near) and when you get up from sleep do not think you have to live long.

iii. Consider the Qur’an like Hazrat Khidr, thy guide in the Path, and never forget death. Pray regularly and always.

iv. Remember, night is meant for worship, not for sleep.

v. You must be so engrossed in your prayers (Namaz) that while bowing in obeisance if a spear were thrust in your body you would not feel pain thereof.

vi. Who dresses well, eats nice dish and has rich friends, he is neared to hell than his jugular vein.

vii. Somebody asked, “How are you?” Hazrat Qarni said, “What would you think of him who does not know when he gets up in the morning whether he well survive till evening.”

viii. He was once told that a derviesh wearing a shroud sits in a tomb weeping all the time. He replied, “Tell him that the shroud is a veil between him and the Lord. The grave and the shroud have become obstacles in the Path of his spirituality.” When the derviesh was acquainted with these words, he became thoughtful, uttered a shriek, and passed away.
(Hazrat ‘Attar remarks, “When even these things are a veil in the Past, how much more are the goods of the world!”)